5 Things to Prepare for a Spa Treatment

Sometimes staying at home is the best spa treatment you need. During the quarantine or when you have time off from your bola gelinding work, treating yourself is important. In this article, we have a list of things you need to prepare for spa treatments your body needs. Also, this will save you from a budget-wrecking spa routine at a salon.

5 Things to Prepare for a Spa Treatment
5 Things to Prepare for a Spa Treatment
#1 Body scrub

Whether you go with a premium-branded body scrub or make your own from ingredients you found in the kitchen, body scrubs it a must. You need to exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells. It helps to regenerate the newborn skin and lets your body shine brighter.

In case you want to make a DIY rejuvenating body scrub, you can mix brown sugar and olive oil with a 2:1 comparison. For a fresher smell, put a few drops of orange or lemon essential oil.

5 Things to Prepare for a Spa Treatment
5 Things to Prepare for a Spa Treatment
#2 Softening hand

Your hands also deserve proper treatment. For this, you can mix one teaspoon of grape seed or almond oil, one tablespoon of sugar, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Put a few drops of a mixture in your hand and massage all over your hands. After a few minutes, rinse it with warm water. This is a spa treatment that can save you from throwing hundreds of dollars at a salon.

#3 Milk bath

Your body needs the silk for the skin. A milk bath is also one of Cleopatra’s routines which you can do as well. If you are living with psoriasis and eczema, taking a bath of milk will allow you to soften your skin, soothing the dead skin, and eliminate the itch. You can mix some essential oil and honey with a few cups of whole milk.

#4 Foot mask

Our feet are indeed neglected even though those have a long run session. Thus, treating your feet will be a good thing for your feet and your body. You can mix some cornmeal, sea salt, oatmeal, and olive oil along with aloe vera gel until the mixture looks like a mask. Rub your feet with the mask and leave it for a few minutes before washing them off.

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