DIY Spa Day at Home Ideas

Having a spa day at home is an interesting thing. Besides saving money, this is a good time to know yourself a little bit better. Giving a spa treatment for your body is also a form of self-love. Thus, if you want to create a DIY spa day, these things could help to build a perfect vibe.

DIY Spa Day at Home Ideas
DIY Spa Day at Home Ideas
Prepare your evening

The vibe doesn’t come as it likes. You need to prepare for things so the evening feels right for your spa treatment. “Focus on yourself” is the slogan for this spa session in your home. Thus, you can light up some candles or make the room a bit dimmer. Soothe yourself with a glass of cold water with cucumber and lemon slices. This is how you start your spa evening in your home.

Don’t follow what the salon says

This is your spa day at home. It means that you need to do it your way. Of course, you can do as your salon suggests you but feel free to do what you like. You can enjoy face and hair masks while reading a book, playing video games or simply drink your favorite tea. As we have mentioned earlier, do what you like so you have a bunch of me-time you need.

DIY Spa Day at Home Ideas
DIY Spa Day at Home Ideas
Hand massage is what you need

You do most of the things in your daily life with your hands. Your hands deserve a nice hand massage after all. Other than that, it’s not right to neglect your dry hands especially after all the handwashing during the quarantine.

Choose your favorite hand cream and apply on your hands. It will soothe your hand while restoring the moisture of your hands. Shea butter is a great thing to repair your dry skin. Choosing a product that contains this ingredient will help a lot.

Lip care session

Since you are doing a favor for your body, you also need to take care of your lips. Lip balm is great to mask your lip. It helps to keep the moisture and hydrate your lip. Applying a cushy lip balm in a thick layer is a good thing. You can do it before bed or every time you feel your lips need it.

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